Risk checks via
the executive
information system

DAEBO Industrial has established the executive information system designed to check a variety of risks online, including finance, collection, status of a guarantee, account receivables by construction site and amount of outstanding bond, and bond maturity.

DAEBO Risk Management

ERP system

ERP system upgrade roadmap

Since 2013 we have systematically managed online the entire process of project planning, construction, completion, and maintenance by combining the existing cost management system with PMIS (Project Management Information System). And beginning from 2014, we have improved our knowledge-based ERP system through sophistication in order to strengthen the internal standards and enhance work efficiency by actively sharing accumulated knowledge.

  • Step 1

  • Cost-management system (ERP)
    Details | Management plans, sales activities, estimate management, contract management,
    and customer management
  • Finance & accounting management
    on-site cost management

  • Step 2

  • Integrated site management system (ERP + PMIS)
    Details | Construction management, technical support, quality/safety/environment management, documentation, drawings management, process/job management
  • Standard PMIS