DAEBO Industrial

DAEBO Industrial,
maximizing customer
satisfaction with advanced
technologies and extensive

Witness to the history of Korea’s social overhead capital facilities

Since its establishment in 1981, DAEBO Industrial has led the special construction industry.
Actively responding to the ever-changing market, we have diligently invested in R&D, developing
new technologies and improving quality, which eventually results in maximum customer satisfaction.

Leader of the special
construction field
including civil engineering

Starting from our first construction projects in the 1980s for the Cheongju airfield and waterworks of the metropolitan area, for nearly 40 years we have been recognized as the ‘best partner’ for Korea’s national infrastructure projects who can ensure safety and durability of such facilities.

  • Focused on infrastructure construction and preparation of residential
    (including apartment houses) /industrial sites
  • Obtained an engineering construction license to meet the needs of the ever-changing market
  • Korea’s major expert with environmentally friendly civil engineering and construction works

DAEBO Industrial’s major business

  • Civil-engin-eeringroads, bridges, railroads, harbors, airports
  • Gyeongchun Line
  • Incheon International
    Airport Railway
  • Janghang Line
    Roadbed Improvement Project
  • Jeonju~Gwangyang