DAEBO Industrial Overview

DAEBO Industrial
Living Witness to
Korea’s Infrastructure

DAEBO Industrial was the beginning of DAEBO Group

Starting from the Cheongju Airfield and water supply facilities in the metropolitan area in the 1980s,
we have proven our capability of becoming the 'best partner' for customers in the infrastructure market.

We have helped establish Korea's major national infrastructure, including roads, bridges, tunnels, railroads, harbors, and airports, with cutting-edge technology and continuous efforts to improve quality. Based on 30 years' experiences and know-how accumulated in this field, we are now widely recognized as an industry-leading company

Company Name DAEBO Industrial
Date of Establishment June 23, 1981 CEO Seong-tak shin
Capital KRW 3.5 billion Sales KRW 100.5 billion (2019)
Headcount 75 Major businesses Complexes/Sites, Roads/Bridges, Leisure, Railroads/Subways, Rivers/Harbors, Environment/Water Supply & Sewage, Plant, Overseas Projects