DAEBO Industrial CEO Greetings

Since 1981,
we have successfully proved our capability
in the area of specialized construction

By diligently participating in national infrastructure projects, including roads,
a harbor, an airport, railroad, and subway, as well as site preparation for houses, apartment houses, and a factory, we have accumulated unmatched technology and expertise in specialized construction.

Yet, rather than being content with our accomplishments to date, we will continuously endeavor to meet customers' needs by actively responding to the ever-changing market and making R&D efforts for cost-reduction and quality improvement.

We contribute to creating
a better future and improving
your life more enjoyable

CEO Sung-tak Shin

In an effort to build structures that can add to value over time,
we are committed to satisfying our customers in the most
environmentally friendly way without being over hasty.
We look forward to your continued support and affection.

Thank you!